The Kapiti Club Golden Group Inc 2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM turned into a farce with the president refusing all requests from the floor to adhere to the procedures necessary to run an organisation registered under The Incorporated Societies Act of 1908.


President Simpson started the meeting by refusing to read the minutes of the previous AGM, despite a request from the floor. He wanted to take the minutes as read, but there were no copies of these minutes on the tables for the members to read, so how could they vote on that proposal.

The annual bus trips;

L. Scanlon collects “Non-Refundable Deposits” for the annual bus trip, but when the Simpsons could not make the trip they were fully refunded, other members have not been so lucky.

L. Scanlon herself pays very little for these trips, negotiating special deals for herself with accommodation. That is a huge benefit considering the average member has recently been denied the $1 subsidy on a luncheon, and now has to pay an  extra $5 on a subscription fee, when there is plenty of money in the bank account from Lance Drummond’s legacy. This money was left for the enjoyment of the Golden Group, not just a few privileged people on the annual bus trip. Will be interesting to see how much the committee subsidise themselves this year.

L. Scanlon also sells raffle tickets and BBQ tickets on these trips, the money collected or spent has never been accounted for, the whereabouts of this money is unknown. If this cash is being taken as income it should have been declared to IRD on an Income Tax Return form.

She also demanded some of the Pub Charity donation money to be paid to her, $1100 was demanded to split between her and Dennis the driver. Dennis apparently had to pay for the diesel for this trip, the quote for the bus from Peka Peka Coach Tours included the cost of the driver and fuel.

On reflection the application to Pub Charity was fraudulent, with L. Scanlon supplying false information in an attempt for financial gain. With regard to the constitution Rule 21, Pecuniary Profit, clearly states that;

No member or any person associated with a member of the Golden Group shall derive any income, benefit or advantage from the Golden Group, where they can materially influence the payment of the income, benefit or advantage.

Therefore L. Scanlon was not entitled to any extra benefit, that was not given to other members on the trip.

L. Scanlon has also stated that as soon as the bus leaves Kapiti the trips become her trips, and all the money taken belongs to her. She also conveniently managed to misplace an entire years records of committee meetings minutes, it has been suggested in some quarters this action was taken to cover up the paper trail of some cash payments made to certain committee members.

President Simpson and the Treasurer Bismark audited their own accounts, and had them reviewed by a third party, at the bottom of this report the reviewer stated that;

“I have not been able to verify the handling of cash income.”

Pub Charity are aware of this application deception, L. Scanlon’s actions have brought the good name of the Kapiti Club Golden Group Inc down to basement level.

In a separate incident the Scanlon’s took $250 from an elderly Golden Group member, who lives on their own, knocking on the door at night demanding payment in cash, no receipt was given.

At the end of this AGM President Simpson voted in his new version of the constitution, no discussion or debate was allowed on the several rules that were to be changed, despite attempts from the floor to review the contentious points, each request was denied.

The constitution states that the Kapiti Club Golden Group Inc has a solicitor. Mr Steven Lee, Lindale Centre, Paraparaumu, they were not consulted on any changes to the constitution, despite President Simpson declaring that he had spoken to the solicitors.

The constitution states that any amendments to the rules require a two thirds majority of attending members who are in agreement with each new rule proposal. There was only one vote, and there was not a two thirds majority in favor on this vote, as required by the constitution. This two thirds voting procedure applies to all of the changes, they all should have been debated and voted on individually.

One of these changes brings in Verbal Proxy Votes, it is now possible for the President to vote himself into office and select his own committee by saying he has received Verbal Proxy Votes for the candidates he wants. No names, dates or signatures are required with the verbal votes. The president has given himself ultimate power over the group.

It is unbelievable that the Registrar of Incorporated Societies would ratify such undemocratic rules.


Kapiti Golden Group AGM 2016.

Kapiti Golden Group

This is the first post on this blog since February 2015, sadly the current committee do not publish any news/ views or member suggestions.

Next week is the 2016 AGM and a lot of things are going to be changed, primarily the Constitution.

We have been informed that a rise in subscription fees, from $15 to $2o, will be implemented, and we have already been denied a dollar subsidy on our lunches, something that has been in place since Lance Drummond left the group some money for their enjoyment.

Seems strange that it is deemed appropriate to spend money on legal fees to change the Constitution, but not give  members a subsidy on a luncheon. To the majority of members a dollar off a meal was the only benefit they got from the money left to them, but now even that is denied.

If elected I will make it my duty to stop the unnecessary financial  burdens being forced upon you, especially when there are ample funds left in the account, which is supposed to be for your enjoyment. Subscriptions will stay at $15 and the $1 dollar subsidy reinstated on the luncheons.

Some of the proposals in the new constitution are aimed at stopping free speech, something that all democratically elected nations hold as paramount.

Voting will also be different, when I was President the committee introduced a Secret Ballot for the election of Officers and Committee, this is another essential ingredient in a free and democratic society.

Using the voice system, where the ones who shout the loudest win, or the intimidation method of the show of hands, where you feel you need to support a friend, when you don’t really agree with their viewpoint, these methods are out of date. The Secret Ballot option is the only fair way to get a proper result, having impartial adjudicators checking and counting the voting papers.

The new rules for Proxy votes gives the President the power to say he has verbally received proxy votes. So he could just stand up and say he has received 20 proxy votes for himself. This situation should not and can not be allowed, giving power to one person to control who gets elected. Proxy votes need to signed and dated by the person making the vote, and should be checked for validity by two impartial scrutineers before being put in the voting box.

Look forward to meeting you all at the AGM, and lets hope it will be a fair and proper election process, with all relevant amendments contained in the proposed Constitution being debated and voted on individually.  These new rules can not implemented wrapped up in one package, using just one vote to accept or reject the proposal in its entirety.

You will note that the Secret Ballot method of voting is NOT an option in the proposed revised Constitution. No matter the result of this Constitutional vote, the current version will still be in force for this election, and we can exercise our right to request a Secret Ballot;

Rule 23 C states ‘On a request by three or more members present, the vote shall be taken by secret ballot.’


Pete Robbins



February Luncheon.

Kapiti Golden Group           Pub Charity



Hi Guys,

February luncheon was quite fun, we had no speaker for this month, so we were entertained by Lin Tansley, playing a medley of sing-along songs, which everyone really enjoyed. Thanks to Ngaire Dodd for distributing the song sheets.

There were 88 members attending this month, and for some unknown reason it seemed that we were all squeezed in, I will have to speak to the President about the tables lay-out !!!

Our regular tea-ladies, Noleen Gatfield and Shirley Main could not be with us this month, Hilda Neil and Colleen Farron stepped in to help out, thank you ladies your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Judy Bismark read out a letter she had sent to the committee regarding her great time on the Coromandel trip, and there was also a letter read out, from Shirley Rowe, she enjoyed the Christmas Dinner at Southwards. It is always great to receive written complements about the trips and the Committee.

We were informed that Jim McKenzie, the originator of the Golden Group as a non-profit making organisation, has moved to the South Island, Invercargill, to be nearer his family. We wish Jim all the best, and will be keeping in touch to let him know what’s happening.

Next month is the AGM, and everyone is entitled to vote for the Officers and Committee, and of course the present incumbents hope you will return them to office, so that we can continue to carry out the good work of helping the members to enjoy themselves, at the luncheons and all the trips. Remember the meal price was increased at the beginning of February, but we held the price to members down for this month but March onwards, cost to you will be $14. Annual Subs have been held at $15, and must be paid by April. If you intend not to rejoin could you please lets us know, so that we can contact the people who are on the waiting list.

I mentioned the fact that Wendy and I had been blessed with our second great grand-child, a bonny baby boy named Jesse.

Kapiti Golden Group

Jesse & Me


Merry Christmas.

Kapiti Golden Group       Kapiti Golden group


Merry Christmas to the Golden Group:

If you see a fat man, who’s jolly and cute, wearing a beard and a red flannel suit, Kapiti Golden Group


And if he’s laughing and chuckling away Kapiti Golden Group while riding around in a snow-covered sleigh

Kapiti Golden Group

with eight splendid reindeer to pull him along, while he sings a Christmas song; Kapiti Golden Group

you are probably drinking and wearing a funny hat,

Kapiti Golden Group


and think you can see five festive cats;

Kapiti Golden Group

Have a great Christmas, and a prosperous New Year, 2015.


From your Committee




Golden Group Christmas Dinner 2014

Kapiti Golden Group  Southwards Car Museum


Last Wednesday we held the Golden Group Christmas Dinner, at Southwards. The venue provided an excellent evening, with round tables so that it was easy to speak to everyone on your table.

The table settings and decorations were complements of Joy Ellis, who made everything herself, they looked fantastic. Thank you to everyone who either sent a message or phoned to say what good time they had.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Southwards 001

A glass of bubbly or non alcoholic drink, served by Santa, started the proceedings, and everyone also received an early Christmas present.

Southwards 033

The meal was excellent, with Turkey, Ham, Roast Potatoes, and Pumpkin +Veggies and salad, condiments of mustard, cranberry sauce and gravy. To follow was Christmas pudding, custard, fruit salad and ice-cream. Tea and Coffee to finish off.

This had been prepared and cooked for us by David, helped by his assistant Wendy;

Southwards 028 Southwards 034

The music for the evening was provided by Colin and Michelle, who serenaded us while we dined. At the end of the evening they also sang some Christmas Carol’s.

Southwards 019


At the mid-way point of the evening we had a Lucky Number draw, with three winners on each table. This fun entertainment idea came from Joy Ellis, who arranged everything herself. Joy also gave a birthday gift to the people who were celebrating their birthday this month, thanks Joy for being so generous.

Below are some pictures of the members, if you are not on here you must have been in the Loo.


Southwards 031 Southwards 026 Southwards 025 Southwards 023 Southwards 022 Southwards 020 Southwards 018 Southwards 017 Southwards 016 Southwards 015 Southwards 014 Southwards 013 Southwards 012 Southwards 011 Southwards 010 Southwards 009 Southwards 008 Southwards 007 Southwards 006 Southwards 005 Southwards 004 Southwards 003 Southwards 002

Southwards 021 Southwards 027

Southwards 006

Pub Charity Coromandel Trip.

Kapiti Golden Group                           Pub Charity



The annual Pub Charity trip, this year to the Coromandel, was again a great success, and a good time was had by all.

On Monday 10th November the Peka Peka bus, driven by Dennis, left the Kapiti Club on time, to head out towards Rotorua. Lunch was a pre-ordered sandwich at The Mustard Seed Café, in Turangi.

The bus arrived in Rotorua and the evening was spent at the Rotovegas Motel, the group enjoyed a good meal and relaxed after a long day travelling.

Tuesday morning was spent at the Butterfly House, what colorful creatures they are;

 019 017 014


Lunch was taken at the Rapaura Water Gardens, with lovely views of the waterfalls, and a guided bush walk.

028 025 031 032


The group then spent two nights at the Anchor Lodge in Coromandel township, starting with a few relaxing drinks.


Wednesday 12th started with a ride on The Driving Creek Railway & Pottery, the train is in a one hour trip that passes through the Kauri forests. Pottery was available for purchase for those who wished to take home a souvenir.

051 038

Next was the Coromandel Stamper Battery, a quartz stamper that was more than 100 year-old.

A drive to historic Whitianga on Thursday morning, this area has been continuously occupied for more than a thousand years, since Maori explorer Kupe’s Tribe settled there.

The group spent some time shopping then had dinner at Whitianga Club, which was a lovely roast pork meat with veggies, followed by apple pie and ice cream.

Friday morning the group went to Flax Mill Bay, having lunch at Eggsentric Café, and then visiting Cooks Beach.

Eggsentric Cafe


In the afternoon there was a swim trip to the thermal waters of The Lost Spring. The pools are filled 100% pure mineral thermal waters flowing from a spring 600 meters below the earth’s surface.These pools are surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, and an event not to be missed. In deference to the rules of modesty no pictures were taken of anyone in swimming attire.

Saturday heading back to Taupo staying overnight at the Lakeland Resort.They went to the R.S.A. in the evening for a good buffet meal, and enjoyed the entertainment, with singing and dancing, a good time was had by all.

Sunday returning to home, stopping at Taihape for lunch at the Soul Café. Everyone enjoyed their trip, which was part sponsored by Pub Charity, we greatly appreciate their assistance.

081 092

Thanks to Joy Ellis and Jenny Livingston for providing pictures and information for this article.



November Luncheon.

Kapiti Golden Group          Pub Charity


Hi Guys,

There were 88 members attending the November luncheon, another solid attendance figure, checking our records, this year has been the best, with more people coming than we were used to.

Our speaker this month was Dave Robertson from the Citizens Advice Bureau, and what a good presentation he gave us, some really useful information about what is free for us to use. This includes getting a Justice of the Peace to sign documents, to fifteen free minutes with a solicitor. Not to mention how to go about getting purchasing problems sorted, the difference between an Estimate, and a Quote. Sounds like we need to get quotes every time. Just click here for the website for more information.

The Christmas Dinner has been well supported, and I do understand that some of our older members are unable to drive at night. The new venue of Southwards is a step up in class for us, and I am certain everyone will enjoy their evening. I remember when we first used the Golf Club as a venue, there was a certain amount of trepidation, but it turned out really well. The forced change to Southwards will also be a good move, it is advertised as one of the best venues in the district. It is also BYO, and everyone will receive an arrival drink, and another surprise during the evening. We also have live entertainment, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the occasion.

The trip to the Coromandel left the Kapiti Club this morning, and we wish them well, and know that they will all enjoy a good week. To all the members who will not be at the Christmas Dinner,the Committee wish you a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas


Golden Group. October Luncheon.

Kapiti Golden Group         Pub Charity



Hi Guys, what a great day we had for the October Luncheon, beautiful sunshine on the Kapiti Coast.


We had 83 members and guests enjoying the lunch, and friendship within our group, and a good time was had by all who attended. Our speaker this month was Alan Milne, who was Mayor of Kapiti from October 2001 through to October 2007, and from 2011 was Chairman for some time at Friendship Force International.

Alan told us some interesting stories about his travels around the world with the Friendship Force, and how he and Mary coped with the various cultures and customs they encountered. Thank you Alan for a very informative and interesting presentation, and pleased that you able to meet some old friends of yours who are in our group.

Kapiti Golden Group

Alan & Mary as Mayor and Mayoress of Kapiti / photo KCDC.

All the details are being finalised for the Annual Pub Charity event, to the Coromandel.  We have heard today that our application to Pub Charity for a donation for transport costs has been accepted, this is a wonderful piece of news for the Golden Group, and especially those members who are going on the trip.

I would like to offer my thanks to Pub Charity for helping our group of elderly folks to really enjoy this trip, something that they could not do alone. Our thanks also go to the patrons of the Family Hotel Otaki and The Pinetree Arms in Paraparaumu who are local partners who operate the Pub Charity gaming machines that generated the funds we have received.

Pub Charity

The Christmas dinner at Southwards on the 3rd December will be upon us very quickly, and thank you to the people who have already put their names on the sheet. Next months luncheon will be the cut-off date, and also the payment date for this event, so if you have not done so already please add your name to the list, and support the Golden Group. Friends and guests are welcome, but they will have to pay $30, not our subsidised rate of $25. Southwards offer the most professional conference and event facilities on the Kapiti Coast, so come along and enjoy the experience.

Southward Car Museum

That’s all for this month, look forward to greeting you all to the November Luncheon.




Golden Group.



Golden Group, September Luncheon.

Kapiti Golden Group                 image001


Hello Golden Group,


Wednesday’s luncheon at the Kapiti Club was a great success, with 90 members attending, but a couple who do not have lunch. The meal this month was again excellent with two roast meats and plenty of fresh vegetables.

The kitchen was under pressure, due to illness, both Kerry and Lynne are down with the flu, and we wish them a speedy recovery. Our cook this month was Tanya, assisted by Maree and  the crew. Rick, the General Manager was behind the bar for a while, as Maree was helping Tanya. It all turned out OK and a good meal was enjoyed by all.

I did receive a complaint from a table of ladies that said they had been last to be called, again. The number calling is random, and I hope they get an early call next month.

Our speaker was Mick Peryer from Waikanae Estuary Bird Tours, assisted by his wife Moira. After some teething troubles with the screening equipment Mick delivered a very entertaining and humorous  talk, with pictures of the bird and animal life that exist in the  Waimanu Lagoons of the Scientific Reserve.

Mick has written a new book entitled Whatever Next, More Tales from Waikanae Estuary. I have read the book this morning and found it delightful. It comes with foreword from our Mayor Ross Church, and I agree with his assessment that you can recommend this book to anyone, and they will enjoy it.

Mick also writes a newsletter, you can read all about it at (you may need to copy and pate this into your browser)

Waikanae Estuary Bird Tours

Mick Peryer

This month we will be applying to Pub Charity to a donation towards the travel costs for our Annual Trip, please keep your fingers crossed.


That’s all for this month, see you in October. Don’t forget to put your name on the list for our Christmas Dinner, at Southwards on Wednesday December 3rd, at 6 pm. There will be live entertainment, and a good time can be guaranteed, the venue is BYO.


Kapiti Golden Group. August Luncheon.

Kapiti Golden Group





Hi guys a quick report on t he August luncheon where we had 84 people attending and enjoying an excellent lunch. As promised by Kapiti Club General Manager Rick Durey,  we had fresh vegetables to compliment the meats of Pork and Beef. If you were one of the people who said that they would be there and did not attend you missed a great meal.

Hope you all enjoyed the montage of pictures from the Mid Winter Dinner and the trip to Time Cinema that was running  for about an hour. Thanks To Harry for all the photography, he has recovered from his surgery and went back to work, so no pictures of this months luncheon. I can not find a recent picture of Harry, so this is what he looked like way back.


Birthday Boy

Harry when he was younger


A big thank-you to sisters Noeleen Gatfield and Shirley Main for taking care of the tea and coffee service, it was very much appreciated.

Jenny our Almoner reported that Ngaire Dodd has still not recovered from a bad bout of the flu. It would be nice if some of her friends in the group could call Ngaire, 902 2794 and wish her well, and we hope to see her next month.

Lynne provided a special mystery prize in the Raffles this month, the contents sounded really scrumptious, well done Lynne.

Joy reminded us that the member list is full and that there are people on the waiting list who cannot wait to join us.

Our speakers were from the Friends of Animals Charity, they have a shop at 11 Maclean Street Param, staffed by volunteers. Please call in to see them and say hello. Shop manager is Gennie Tieman, Ursula Scott the secretary and Rachel Oliver the chairperson. Thanks to Joy for arranging this presentation, the ex-committee member who had all the speaker information took it all with her when she left.

We thank the ladies for their time, and who knows maybe someone in the group could find some time to help them out. Thanks must also go to everyone who put something in the money-box which was handed around the room. This is a link to their website;

The annual trip to the Coromandel has 31 people booked on the bus so far, so if you want to go you had better speak to Lorraine Scanlon quickly before the remaining places are snapped up.

I would like to congratulate all the committee members for delivering such a good performance today, especially as we were short-staffed, but we all pulled together and it worked well, well done Team.

Pub Charity

Pub Charity Logo