Kapiti Golden Group Wine Tasting Fund Raiser

Last Friday we held our Kapiti Golden Group Wine Tasting event at President Lorraine’s house. The wines were generously donated to us by ex President Jim McKenzie, to assist the committee in their fund raising efforts for the Annual Trip.

Our thanks go out to Jim for his contribution to our cause.

Pat Scanlon was our genial host using all the skills he attained while working in the wine industry for ten years. Pat held wine tasting in all the major supermarkets in the area, some of you have probably seen him in action. Pat is very knowledgeable about wines and also has an easy and friendly speaking style. President Lorraine had prepared some food nibbles to sample in between each wine we tasted, to cleanse our palates ready for the next wine.

Members attending were;

Pat & Lorraine Scanlon, Pete & Wendy Robbins, Errol & Jackie Fincher,  Ken & Colleen Morrison, Jim McKenzie, Ron Wilton,

Nancy de Louw, Noleen Gatfield, Elaine Bond, Lin Tansley, Colin Howland, Mavis Rider and Lynne Cook.

Thanks to all who contributed and participated in this event.

We started our tasting with a French sparkling white wine, Baron de Clary. It is a non vintage champagne style wine, very light and bubbly. The food snack afterwards was Dates with creme fraiche and a Lemon zest, absolutely delightful.

The second wine was a German white wine, bearing a grand name on the label, Windsheimer Schlosskapelle Muller Thurgau, 2009. Another light and refreshing wine but just a little sweeter than the previous offering. Our food interval this time was toasted French sticks with Salmon and cream cheese with a slice of cucumber on top. Another gorgeous treat which everyone enjoyed.

Our third wine was a red from France, Chevalier de Bayard Rose’, 2009. A really lovely and sweet tasting Rose’, which was enjoyed by all the group. To follow this wine we had Pate’ on rice crackers topped with fresh corriander, extremely tasty, I had to have two of these.

The fourth wine was an Italian Red, Travicello Vallagarina 2010. This wine was a very plesant light Red, much appreciated by our group. The food offering after this Red was Pears with Blue vein cheese, if you have never tried this then you certainly should, it was lovely.

Our last wine was another Red, a French one, Chevalier de Bayard, 2008. This wine was a bit heavier than the previous Red, and was certainly full of body, a real treat to sample. This was followed by a super food treat, prepared by Colleen Morrison, of Apricots topped with cream cheese. A wonderful end to a wonderful afternoon, thanks Colleen.

A few pictures of our happy gathering;


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