July Luncheon 2012


Hello Everybody, and thanks for all your emails and comments of support.

Our email address is; kapitigoldengroup@gmail.com

Wednesday’s July luncheon was attended by 81 members, who all enjoyed their day at the Kapiti Club.

President Lorraine welcomed everyone, but then sadly had to inform us of the death of one of our friends and fellow member, Gillian Mautz. At this time we do not know of any funeral arrangements but will pass on any information when we receive it. Someone else to think about is Barbara Crombie, who has been unwell for some time, and is now in Summerset Rest Home in Upper Hutt. Louise Foote is a good friend of Barbara, and she will supply us with a phone number for members to contact Barbara and to wish her well.

President Lorraine also spoke of the spate of house robberies being inflicted on the elderly by a couple of people who knock  on the front door and ask to use the phone, and the add that they need a glass of water. While the unsuspecting house owner is getting a glass of water their home is robbed. So take real care when strangers knock on your door, and don’t let them into your house. Once you have got rid of them call the police.

On the bright side, Wendy, our secretary, won two raffles prizes, a real bonus for her Birthday which was on Thursday 5th July. Wendy said she was 21, a bit of a surprise to me, as I am her husband.

Our speaker was Gerald Twiss, an expert on genealogy, who spoke to us about tracing one of his relatives history, dating back to when he first came to New Zealand,and then left to settle in Australia It was all very interesting and a good insight as to how any of us could fairly easily trace our ancestry. Gerald answered many questions at the end of his talk, and also gave us a few websites to visit that would help in finding any information you may require.

I am hoping to add some photographs from our luncheons on this site, so keep looking, you could find yourself on the internet.

The logo at the top is from our friends at Pub Charity, who gave us a donation towards last years Annual Event, which was a trip to Nelson.

This years trip is to New Plymouth, and is titled our ” Pub Charity Annual Event” for more information or to book a seat for this wonderful trip, please call President Lorraine, 04 902 5269. There are still a couple of vacancies, but be quick, this is really a wonderful opportunity to visit some historic Houses, Art Gallery’s and view beautiful Gardens, as well as interact with people from other clubs. Snooze and you lose.


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