Kapiti Golden Group Liqueur Tasting Event

President Lorraine hosted a fund-raising liqueur tasting evening at her house on Friday night, 17th August. The liqueurs and dipping oils were provided by The Prenzel Distilling Company, and there was a vast selection on offer to taste. Their representative, Keira Read was a lovely person and looked after us all wonderfully well. I must admit to trying a few Liqueurs I had never tasted before, and they were all amazing. I also tasted some different dipping oils, using bread supplied by Lorraine for us all. Wendy and I also tried some Tipsy Cherries with our ice-cream, loved them so much we bought some.

Also all the attendees provided a plate of food to share and the diversity of selections was superb. I will not list all the dishes here but trust me they were all delicious.

What an amazing event it turned out to be, thoroughly entertaining, amusing and also educational. At $5 a head this must have been the bargain of the year. If you missed this event make sure to keep up with the Golden Group news in this blog, or listen to Lorraine as she makes her report at the beginning of each luncheon to make certain you do not miss out on the next event.

The list of attendees starts obviously with Lorraine and Pat, and we thank them for the use of their house for this event. The rest of the gang were;

Pete & Wendy Robbins, Lynne Cook, Nancy de Louw, Keith Morshead, Noleen Gatfield and her sister Shirley, Mavis Rider, Colin & Gwen Howland, Raena Mitchell, Hilda Neil, Bill & Bettine Grafton, Lynne Tansley, Barbara Kirk-Bernard, Miriam Taylor, Jenny Livingstone and Jim McKenzie.

The money raised at  this event will go towards our Pub Charity Annual Event, the trip to New Plymouth. As usual your committee is working hard to provide the best entertainment that is available at the best price.

Due to a camera malfunction there are no pictures to view of the happy occasion. When all else fails, read the instruction manual.

For your information, if you would like some information about hosting a Prenzel event, please contact Keira Read, either by email,                      keiraread@hotmail.com or mobile 0226275914.



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