Bus Trip to Trash Palace






President Lorraine

Our recent Bus Trip to Trash Palace was a resounding success,  our roving reporter was President Lorraine:

” It was a great trip to Trash Palace. On arrival we were taken across the road to Poly Palace. This was extremely interesting . We were told just how long it takes for polystyrene i.e. 100 years to break down in a tip and the cost involved is enormous. This guy who owns and operates everything is like a mad scientist – He has invented all sorts of ways of using waste products. e.g. He has made great garden pots out of washing machine bowls with recycled polystyrene.
He gets lots of scrap polystyrene from people taking rubbish loads to the tip. He has invented an amazing lot of machinery to crush and recycle all the scrap. He is making underfloor installation,  seeds boxes and many other products that are sold rather than being dumped in the tip.
We were informed of many fact and figures. which really impressed me ..So much so that when I unpacked a new microwave at the weekend I could not bring myself to put all the Polystyrene in the wheelie bin and I am taking it down to Poly Palace tomorrow and perhaps I can get some more facts for you.
After that we went across the road to smash palace where there is the largest lot of recycled products I have every seen. People drop of items on the way to the tip. There is everything from toys and books to lounge suites all sort of furniture ideal for people setting up flat. We were given a tour around the place and told about the work that goes on there They have a large staff that repairs things and anything not suitable for sale is dismantled and all parts are recycled . They are employing  people who enjoy having some work. And everything is sold at very reasonable prices. Although the place is a bit dusty we did enjoy wandering around looking at everything. and it is certainly a place to go to if you looking for the odd door handle, perhaps a plate from a dinner set . I think you could probably find anything at all there, and it is all sorted into sections. I think we all found it interesting even though it was very cold. I know several of our group who bought things, and were very happy with their purchases.”
Thanks for that report Lorraine, you are so good at it next time we will give you a camera so that you can take some pictures.
That was the last Bus Trip of the year, and thanks to Nancy de Louw for her wonderful organisation for this years trips. All that we have left for this year is the Luncheons for October and November, followed by the Christmas Dinner in December.
There will be a notice on the board at the October luncheon announcing the Christmas Dinner and a sheet for people to put their names down, so don’t mess about get your name down. It would be good if we could get the Entire Golden Group Together at least once this year, so drop everything and get your name on the list.




One thought on “Bus Trip to Trash Palace

  1. The trip sounded very interesting, Keep on keeping on Peter you are doing a good job.. Robyn and Brian Marter

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