October Luncheon 2012





President Lorraine

Hi Guys,

Our monthly report of whats been happening and what is about to happen, exciting isn’t it.

At our October luncheon there were 90 members attending, plus two guests, I trust everybody had an enjoyable time.

Our speaker was Ken, one of the top bods from Mana Coaches. Ken spoke to us about the difficulties and pleasures of making sure we all had our buses at the correct place at the correct time, not an easy task by the sound of it. Ken certainly enjoyed his work and communicated well with the members of our group, he was well received.

At question time Ken handled a number of queries concerning actual bus routes, and why they did not operate down the streets that people wanted them to. The simple answer to the questions was that the Bus Company did not arrange the routes, Mana were told where they would operate by the officious people at K.C.D.C. This is the second month in a row where the council has had to shoulder the responsibility for not doing want the people of the area want them to do. Perhaps you should all remember that come the next local elections.

President Lorraine reminded us all that we should have contact numbers in our mobile phones, in case of emergency. These names should be entered into your phone under ICE, because the emergency services people and the Police have been trained to check your  phone for ICE numbers, so that they can quickly and easily contact your nearest and dearest, if you are Hospitalized.

You should also have your contact number for your Doctor, and next of Kin, your name and phone number, and address on the back of your Golden Group name badge. Please ensure this information is updated, Thanks.

I am also going to send out an email about recognizing the first signs of a Stroke, something that we should all be aware of, so please take note.


2 thoughts on “October Luncheon 2012

  1. Very well worded Peter, sorry Brian and I will be away for our next monthly meeting and will miss you quiz questions. Brian and Robyn Marter. Hope you have moved into your new home and will not be living out of boxes much longer.

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