November Luncheon & New Plymouth Trip

Hi Guys, a quick report on our November luncheon, and a few words and pictures from the successful, Pub Charity sponsored trip to New Plymouth.

We had 83 members and one guest, Ngaire Green, attending the November luncheon, Ngaire has now completed an application for membership, so we should see her at next years events.  Our speaker this month was  Nina Hanley, who gave us an insight into how our Government Health Ministry works and thinks. Most of what Nina had to inform about was really depressing for a lot of our members, like if you are fat, a smoker and take no exercise, your chances of receiving lifesaving surgery are greatly diminished. The New Zealand government are looking to run the health service as a business  and as such have appointed business people to make the necessary changes. The perfect scenario for a profitable hospital requires that it is situated in an area of 3 million people, this actually means that the North Island should have only 1 hospital for the entire region, and the South Island only qualifies for half a hospital. The driving force behind these figures is the availability of suitably qualified doctors, surgeons and nurses to cover the needs of all the different areas of nursing. What that means to you is that the best surgeon to carry out your operation may not be working in your local area. To get the best people to look after you, they need to be in one place. Scary thinking, isn’t it. I now know why Wendy did not receive the best surgery available, and had to put up with second class attention to detail from her Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Andrew Simmons.

The Christmas Dinner, at Paraparaumu Golf Club, is on the 5th December, commencing with a social half hour beginning at 6.00 pm, and dinner at 6.30 pm. I am not sure why we only have 50% of our members attending this function, Paraparaumu Golf Club is the only function room big enough to seat our group. We were there last year and it was a wonderful affair, good food and elegantly decorated tables, arrangements courtesy of  our committee member Miriam Taylor. If any of our members can procure a better venue please inform the committee, so that we can assess  your suggestion.

Our annual Pub Charity sponsored event was a trip to New Plymouth, and as President Lorraine reported everything turned out great. The weather was really good until the Saturday they were leaving, and by then no one cared if it was pouring it down because they we all sitting on the bus.

During this trip our group  met with some wonderful people at the Clubs they visited, and have arranged reciprocal visits to see us in the future. Our group were treated to  tours of some beautiful gardens, and came away with lots of new ideas for their own gardening projects.

One notable highlight of the trip was the boat trip to see the seals, everyone agreed it was an amazing experience. As the Chaddy’s  Boat set sail, the wind came up making the sea extremely choppy. The sea was breaking over the bow of the boat, and a few members got a soaking. They were all perfectly safe, wearing their brightly colored life vests.  It appears that there were two different camps, those who were laughing at being tossed around like a cork on the ocean, and those who screaming. It was something that none of the group would have attempted on their own, being together on an organised trip is really something special for us older folk. The soaking meant everyone had to return to the Flamingo Motel to get changed into some dry clothes, for lunch. President Lorraine was happy that all the meals on this trip were superb, all the lunches and evening meals were excellent and it was assumed that most members would have put on a little weight on this trip. The visit to the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, an attraction recommended by Richard Benge, the executive director of Arts Access Aotearoa , was a an interesting and thought-provoking experience. Thanks must go to President Lorraine for her excellent organisation and arranging skills, she has also asked me to mention the great help she received from Hilda Neal and Nancy de Lowe. Thanks  also of course to Pub Charity, who have once again sponsored our worthy cause. The picture below is an example of the wonderful exhibits to experience at the gallery .

The picture below is of one of the wonderful exhibits for visitors to experience at the gallery.















Another really fun trip was the scenic steam train tour of the countryside around Waitara with The Waitara Railway Preservation Society . Ken the conductor on the train was a really friendly fellow, as this picture taken with Hilda shows:







These pictures of the trip of our members are from the camera of Lynn Cook, these are taken on the much enjoyed Chaddy’s Charters boat, thank you Lynn for being our roving photographer on this trip.


There are many more photographs from this trip, and they will be displayed on the big screen at our next luncheon, something to look forward to. See you at  the Christmas Dinner on 5th December.


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