Christmas Dinner 2012

image001GG Logo 3Lorraine

 President Lorraine

We had 71 members and guests attending the Kapiti Golden Group Christmas Dinner on Wednesday 5th of December at the Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club. A really splendid evening was enjoyed by all, and if you were not there you definitely missed out on a great event.

As usual at our meetings we were entertained at the start of the evening, during the social half hour, by Ms Lin Tansley, playing a selection of our favourite tunes on the piano, it was greatly appreciated by all.

During the evening we had a couple of games of heads or tails, to win a bottle of wine. Everybody stood up and had to decide wether to put their hands on their heads, or on their bums. On the toss of a coin either all the heads people or the tails people sat down. This was continued until there was only one left standing. First winner was Errol Fincher, and the second winner was Fran Dockerty. I hope they both enjoyed the wine.

I called the table numbers for dinner, and in a strange twist to the norm I provided two bottles of wine to be presented to the last table called. This ensured that the last table would not complain about being last. To safeguard security, and me being accused of any bias, Wendy pulled the numbers from a hat, and the last number out was #8. The people on the table enjoyed a very merry evening, they were, Colin Howland, Gwen Morrison, Rex Ford, (Dorothy could make the dinner due to illness) Jan Needham, Ginny de Jong, Germaine Chu and Edith Russell.

Posted below are a selection of the pictures taken during the evening.

GG Xmas Dinner 2GG Xmas Dinner1


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