The Kapiti Club Golden Group Inc 2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM turned into a farce with the president refusing all requests from the floor to adhere to the procedures necessary to run an organisation registered under The Incorporated Societies Act of 1908.


President Simpson started the meeting by refusing to read the minutes of the previous AGM, despite a request from the floor. He wanted to take the minutes as read, but there were no copies of these minutes on the tables for the members to read, so how could they vote on that proposal.

The annual bus trips;

L. Scanlon collects “Non-Refundable Deposits” for the annual bus trip, but when the Simpsons could not make the trip they were fully refunded, other members have not been so lucky.

L. Scanlon herself pays very little for these trips, negotiating special deals for herself with accommodation. That is a huge benefit considering the average member has recently been denied the $1 subsidy on a luncheon, and now has to pay an  extra $5 on a subscription fee, when there is plenty of money in the bank account from Lance Drummond’s legacy. This money was left for the enjoyment of the Golden Group, not just a few privileged people on the annual bus trip. Will be interesting to see how much the committee subsidise themselves this year.

L. Scanlon also sells raffle tickets and BBQ tickets on these trips, the money collected or spent has never been accounted for, the whereabouts of this money is unknown. If this cash is being taken as income it should have been declared to IRD on an Income Tax Return form.

She also demanded some of the Pub Charity donation money to be paid to her, $1100 was demanded to split between her and Dennis the driver. Dennis apparently had to pay for the diesel for this trip, the quote for the bus from Peka Peka Coach Tours included the cost of the driver and fuel.

On reflection the application to Pub Charity was fraudulent, with L. Scanlon supplying false information in an attempt for financial gain. With regard to the constitution Rule 21, Pecuniary Profit, clearly states that;

No member or any person associated with a member of the Golden Group shall derive any income, benefit or advantage from the Golden Group, where they can materially influence the payment of the income, benefit or advantage.

Therefore L. Scanlon was not entitled to any extra benefit, that was not given to other members on the trip.

L. Scanlon has also stated that as soon as the bus leaves Kapiti the trips become her trips, and all the money taken belongs to her. She also conveniently managed to misplace an entire years records of committee meetings minutes, it has been suggested in some quarters this action was taken to cover up the paper trail of some cash payments made to certain committee members.

President Simpson and the Treasurer Bismark audited their own accounts, and had them reviewed by a third party, at the bottom of this report the reviewer stated that;

“I have not been able to verify the handling of cash income.”

Pub Charity are aware of this application deception, L. Scanlon’s actions have brought the good name of the Kapiti Club Golden Group Inc down to basement level.

In a separate incident the Scanlon’s took $250 from an elderly Golden Group member, who lives on their own, knocking on the door at night demanding payment in cash, no receipt was given.

At the end of this AGM President Simpson voted in his new version of the constitution, no discussion or debate was allowed on the several rules that were to be changed, despite attempts from the floor to review the contentious points, each request was denied.

The constitution states that the Kapiti Club Golden Group Inc has a solicitor. Mr Steven Lee, Lindale Centre, Paraparaumu, they were not consulted on any changes to the constitution, despite President Simpson declaring that he had spoken to the solicitors.

The constitution states that any amendments to the rules require a two thirds majority of attending members who are in agreement with each new rule proposal. There was only one vote, and there was not a two thirds majority in favor on this vote, as required by the constitution. This two thirds voting procedure applies to all of the changes, they all should have been debated and voted on individually.

One of these changes brings in Verbal Proxy Votes, it is now possible for the President to vote himself into office and select his own committee by saying he has received Verbal Proxy Votes for the candidates he wants. No names, dates or signatures are required with the verbal votes. The president has given himself ultimate power over the group.

It is unbelievable that the Registrar of Incorporated Societies would ratify such undemocratic rules.


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