Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas to the Golden Group:

If you see a fat man, who’s jolly and cute, wearing a beard and a red flannel suit, Kapiti Golden Group


And if he’s laughing and chuckling away Kapiti Golden Group while riding around in a snow-covered sleigh

Kapiti Golden Group

with eight splendid reindeer to pull him along, while he sings a Christmas song; Kapiti Golden Group

you are probably drinking and wearing a funny hat,

Kapiti Golden Group


and think you can see five festive cats;

Kapiti Golden Group

Have a great Christmas, and a prosperous New Year, 2015.


From your Committee





April 2013 Luncheon. 1st Event This Year

GG Logo 3image001Lorraine

Welcome to everyone to this latest blog post of the Kapiti Golden Group.

The year started off marvelously with 97 people attending the April luncheon, more people than we were expecting., but no problem for our efficient team. An extra table was quickly laid and everyone was comfortably accommodated.

Our speaker was the pleasantly amusing and very informative Beverley Cathcart, QSM, JP. Beverly had worked as Executive Officer, Functions and Protocol for the New Zealand Parliament.

During her 28 years in Parliament Beverley worked with nine different Prime Ministers, providing International and National protocol advice. She revealed in her presentation many amusing incidents involving some very high profile dignitaries. These stories were for our ears only, so I will not put any of the details here in print, suffice to say we all enjoyed listening to them. Thank You Beverley and Robin. Robin is Beverley’s husband and he accompanied her at the luncheon, a very interesting person in his own right.

President Lorraine explained the changes to the committee and the new members, including the Vice-President John O”Leary and secretary Kerry O’Leary. It is the first time for a while that all seven places have been filled on the committee. The jobs have moved around a bit with Miriam now arranging the speakers, and Kerry will handle the raffles.

Our next bus trip will be to the Ohau area, unfortunately for members who did not put their names on the list, the trip is full. A good time is expected for all members who make the trip. Our recent request for suggestions for places to visit on our trips this year has gleaned some good idea’s, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for when the trips are announced. Nancy does a great job in organising these events and it is good to see such a great response from you all.

President Lorraine will be organising another of her one week away trips this year, this time we will be going to the Napier area.  Interested ? You can put your name on the list right now and we will keep you informed of the actual places we will visit, and where we will eat, as the information becomes available. Be warned !!!  there are only 32 seats available on the bus for this wonderful trip, so be in quick to reserve your seat for the extravaganza.

The dates to put in your diary are;  leaving on Monday 11th November  from the Kapiti Club and will return on Friday 15th November.

Christmas Dinner 2012

image001GG Logo 3Lorraine

 President Lorraine

We had 71 members and guests attending the Kapiti Golden Group Christmas Dinner on Wednesday 5th of December at the Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club. A really splendid evening was enjoyed by all, and if you were not there you definitely missed out on a great event.

As usual at our meetings we were entertained at the start of the evening, during the social half hour, by Ms Lin Tansley, playing a selection of our favourite tunes on the piano, it was greatly appreciated by all.

During the evening we had a couple of games of heads or tails, to win a bottle of wine. Everybody stood up and had to decide wether to put their hands on their heads, or on their bums. On the toss of a coin either all the heads people or the tails people sat down. This was continued until there was only one left standing. First winner was Errol Fincher, and the second winner was Fran Dockerty. I hope they both enjoyed the wine.

I called the table numbers for dinner, and in a strange twist to the norm I provided two bottles of wine to be presented to the last table called. This ensured that the last table would not complain about being last. To safeguard security, and me being accused of any bias, Wendy pulled the numbers from a hat, and the last number out was #8. The people on the table enjoyed a very merry evening, they were, Colin Howland, Gwen Morrison, Rex Ford, (Dorothy could make the dinner due to illness) Jan Needham, Ginny de Jong, Germaine Chu and Edith Russell.

Posted below are a selection of the pictures taken during the evening.

GG Xmas Dinner 2GG Xmas Dinner1

October Luncheon 2012





President Lorraine

Hi Guys,

Our monthly report of whats been happening and what is about to happen, exciting isn’t it.

At our October luncheon there were 90 members attending, plus two guests, I trust everybody had an enjoyable time.

Our speaker was Ken, one of the top bods from Mana Coaches. Ken spoke to us about the difficulties and pleasures of making sure we all had our buses at the correct place at the correct time, not an easy task by the sound of it. Ken certainly enjoyed his work and communicated well with the members of our group, he was well received.

At question time Ken handled a number of queries concerning actual bus routes, and why they did not operate down the streets that people wanted them to. The simple answer to the questions was that the Bus Company did not arrange the routes, Mana were told where they would operate by the officious people at K.C.D.C. This is the second month in a row where the council has had to shoulder the responsibility for not doing want the people of the area want them to do. Perhaps you should all remember that come the next local elections.

President Lorraine reminded us all that we should have contact numbers in our mobile phones, in case of emergency. These names should be entered into your phone under ICE, because the emergency services people and the Police have been trained to check your  phone for ICE numbers, so that they can quickly and easily contact your nearest and dearest, if you are Hospitalized.

You should also have your contact number for your Doctor, and next of Kin, your name and phone number, and address on the back of your Golden Group name badge. Please ensure this information is updated, Thanks.

I am also going to send out an email about recognizing the first signs of a Stroke, something that we should all be aware of, so please take note.

September Luncheon 2012

Hi Guys, welcome to this months report, and what a good luncheon we had this month, after the hiccup last time when the kitchen ran out of food for the last 6 members. The people concerned had a half price this time around, so we hope that everyone was satisfied with this result. There were 89 members attending, two of these did not have lunch, for some strange reason. Apologies to those members who could not get Raffle tickets, as they were all sold out. We need to find a method to gauge how many raffles to have according to how many members will be attending. The committee are working on it.


President Lorraine spoke about her disappointment that the number of people who have suddenly cancelled their places for the New Plymouth trip. With these people now not going it makes it very hard for us to fund this trip as the bookings are all for certain numbers at the Motel, restaurants Etc, where we were getting a discount for a large group. These discounts do not apply if there are fewer people in the group. President Lorraine has embarked on a crusade to get some people from outside of our group to make up the number and allow this trip to proceed. A number of groups have been approached and offered a seat on our bus for the trip, this would be an exceptionally good deal for them.

If there are any of you or people you know who would like to go on this trip please contact President Lorraine as soon as possible. Phone 049025269  or email:


Our speaker this month was Gus Evans, from his nursery in Waikanae, he told us a great deal of useful information about our gardens and plants and how to look after them. Gus delivered his speech with lots of humor, and was very entertaining. The nursery now sells plants in little single bio-degradable peat pots, so you are not forced into buying a punnet of six of everything. What a great idea, so next time you are looking for some color in your garden, go speak to Gus, he will look after you.

Business Portfolio Comment

Gus was particularly incensed with a new pamphlet put out by Kapiti Coast District Council concerning trees in Kapiti. It now appears that lots of native tress, like Pohutakawa, Kauri and Puriri are now at the mercy of the chain saw gangs, unless they have attached to them an official plastic protected tree marker. So much for the Council looking after our native environment !!

We will once again this year be hosting our Christmas function at the Paraparaumu Golf Club, the date is set for  the                         5th December so mark it down in your diaries. We had a great time last year with 87 members attending, we will be taking names at next months luncheon, so keep a look out for the notice on the board. The cost has not been agreed yet, but be sure that your committee are working hard to get the best deal we can.